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easy holiday lantern from Christmas clearance | The Magic Brush

I recently decorated this lantern for a fundraising auction.  It was for Christmas, but take out the reindeer and the Christmas balls and it’s a gorgeous winter decoration.  Imagine 2 of them on your fireplace mantel! And if you go to a craft store now, you can find a Christmas lantern on clearance and decorate it for winter! Lantern decorating is a fun way to take something that is cute and make it gorgeous!!! You can buy this one on sale from Hobby Lobby.

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lantern before from hobby lobby | The Magic Brush

This is what the lantern looked like before. 


lantern spray painted with Rustoleum | The Magic Brush

That battery operated candle does NOT come out, so I wrapped it in tin foil and  spray painted the entire thing in the color “Heirloom White”. This is my go to color for a warm white spray paint. And listen, this step should take 1 minute.  Let it dry. Come back and do another coat.  ThisLantern decorating step is quick and easy!

After it dried, I used a sanding sponge and just ran it over the edges so it looked distressed.  You’ll see a pic of that down in this post.



Then I went shopping for “sticks” to add to the side of my lantern. I did this fun video for you in my beloved “Hobbily Lobbily”…

400 comments later, I went with the sticks that looked like they had snow on them.




holiday branches and Christmas picks | The Magic Brush

I literally rubber banded a few of the branches with a Christmas pick and then used floral wire to attach it to the side of the lantern.




Attaching stick bundle to lantern | The Magic Brush

See how I wired that?  Your lantern must have a hole of some kind in order to do this.  And here you can see my sanding on the edges of the lantern.




lantern Christmas beads | The Magic Brush

Next, I used these Styrofoam gold balls from Hobby Lobby to literally fill the inside of the lantern about 1/2 way up.  It just looked fun to me. If you go now, you’ll be able to find these clearanced out after Christmas!




lantern filled with Christmas balls | The Magic Brush

See how cute that is?  Just another little detail that makes a project prettier.




 lantern with Christmas decorations | The Magic Brush

I also hot glued a few of the styrofoam balls to the branches and floral pick.



I hot glued a sparkly reindeer to the sticks. And tied some jute around his neck.




Hobby Lobby bow for lantern | The Magic Brush

And then I added a HUGE, pre-made bow to the top of the lantern. Listen, these are $2.99 at Hobby Lobby. With a 40% off coupon they are less than $2. You can’t make them that pretty for that cheap.  Buy them pre-made.  Seriously.  You don’t have to DIY everything!



before after holiday lantern decorating | The Magic Brush

Here is the before and after. Isn’t the decorated one fun? Isn’t lantern decorating fun?!

You could use your lanterns for fall, winter, Easter, 4th of July….. any holiday or season.  Just take off the wired-on decor and change it out!

And if you get to a craft store quick, you will be able to find a Christmas lantern on clearance that you can decorate for winter!

Lantern Decorating is Easy peasy!



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MB Winter Lantern Deacorating Pin


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