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Who saws the middle out of a vanity table?

By February 4, 20125 Comments

A few months ago, I saw these 2 cute “tables” on Craigslist.

I was totally drawn to the little metal wheels.

And not so drawn to the ripped up veneer overlay on the insides of the pieces.  The tables used to be a vanity table, but the middle had been cut out  (I am picturing Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and now there were 2 pieces.

I wasn’t sure if the sides were fixable, but the lady selling them was super sweet and she had met me half way between her house and mine in a parking lot off the freeway. Plus, I thought the lines of the pieces and the ‘lil metal feet may overrule the fact that seriously……someone sawed the middle out of this vanity.

I textured the half missing/half veneer sides and painted them in a distressed black finish.

When slid together (and they did fit perfectly together like a puzzle)…..they made one cute table.

Or if slid apart, you could see the textured sides.  And they could be used as end tables or nightstands.

Either way, I sold them at The Red Apron last month……Winner winner chicken dinner!

But, I am still hung up on the fact that someone sawed the middle out tho…..

Mark your calendars. My next sale is February 17 & 18th.

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