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I cannot believe how many of you have emailed or commented wanting to see the final pictures of Kierra’s painted kitchen island I gave you a sneak peak of several months ago:

Turquoise Kitchen Island Jennifer Allwood

I didn’t want to post the pictures because they were not amazing. But I had some fans requesting … demanding to see it. 

One reader wrote me: “I was scouring your blog for a pic of the completed turquoise island you fauxed. Not a pic to be found. Then, later, read your comment re: posting so-so pictures. I say go for it. I wonder if we are critical about pictures of our personal projects in the same manner that we are critical of pictures of ourselves. Our flaws make us beautiful. That all being said….PLEASE post the pics!”

I love, love, LOVE how the island turned out. I think it ended up being 7 layers in all. It was a blast to do!

But my pictures just don’t do it justice and I’ve been stalling hoping to go take new pics. Kierra is the very busy mommy of 5 and I’m busy juggling getting casts off and calling poison control for gummy vitamin overload at my house. So…. we are just gonna go for it! You’ll have to trust me.

We were trying to match this inspiration piece already in her house:

Turquoise Kitchen Island Jennifer Allwood

Isn’t it pretty?
Turquoise Kitchen Island Jennifer Allwood

It was purchased with this finish; I did not faux it!

Here are my after shots!

WARNING…. the island in this blog post is prettier than it appears in pictures.

The closeup is my favorite because it is truest in color:

Turquoise Kitchen Island Jennifer Allwood

Turquoise Kitchen Island Jennifer Allwood


Here is the one scary bright drawer without any glazing or highlighting yet. 

Turquoise Kitchen Island Jennifer Allwood

Here is the turquoise kitchen island all done!

Turquoise Kitchen Island Jennifer Allwood
Even the dog likes it!

Turquoise Kitchen Island Jennifer Allwood

Painted Kitchen islands add so much personality. I just love it. 

Check out her sweet new granite!

Turquoise Kitchen Island Jennifer Allwood

Love the pulls with the gold accents!

I’m pretty sure I heard Kierra mention I could just bring you all over to see it in person.

Kierra you ‘da bomb! When are we going ladies????

Why can’t one of you just volunteer to come take my “after pics” from now on? I’m so bad at it…..GGGGrrrrr……. I am really glad my fans insisted I post photos. It really was a stunning project

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If you could paint your kitchen island?? What color would it be???



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