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The WallHog trim is painted and glazed and Momma got a new pair of jeans!

By October 12, 201021 Comments
(My WallHog before being trimmed)

(My WallHog after trim)

I painted it to match the boy’s bathroom vanity.

Can I tell you the mistakes I made so that you don’t do the same?

My darling husband and I had what I like to call “a passionate disagreement” about which came first…..painting the trim or hanging the trim?????

I was on Team “PAINT first”.

He was on Team “HANG first”.

Against my better judgment, I let him win.

So after caulking seams and puttying nail holes…

I needed to tape off the trim. I was scared to tape over the vinyl poster (in retrospect, it would have been fine)….so I slid newspaper under the trim.

That was my big mistake.

What a horrible idea I had.

Then I painted it Ralph Lauren’s Dressage Red and started to glaze it.

All was lovely until I tried taking off the newspaper and tape…. this is what I got…

Newspaper rips!!!!!!

And tears. And requires cutting off with a knife.

I KNEW I should have painted the trim BEFORE we hung it. Ggrrrrr……..

After what seemed like 15 hours of tedious-newspaper-shredding-removal….it was done.

And I love it.

And my hubby admitted I was right. And I love that.

And he bought me a new pair of skinny jeans. And I love that more.

Yeah, I pretty much have forgiven him.


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