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20 signs you might live to 100

By October 12, 20106 Comments

Random blog post not having ANYTHING to do with paint, but I thought was so interesting.

20 signs you might live to 100:

  1. You eat purple food.
  2. You have been a college freshman.
  3. You have a drama-free marriage.
  4. You enjoy good friendships.
  5. You have strong legs.
  6. You set goals.
  7. You feel 13 years younger than you are.
  8. You have a positive outlook on life.
  9. You’re outgoing.
  10. You’ve got skinny friends.
  11. You don’t have a housekeeper.
  12. You often walk instead of drive.
  13. You do aerobic activity 5 hours a week.
  14. You don’t like burgers.
  15. You skip cola, including diet.
  16. You love tea.
  17. You limit calories 1400 – 2000 a day.
  18. You don’t snore.
  19. You weren’t overweight as a teen.
  20. You have a flat belly.

I think I got 14/20…..I could have gotten more if the Halloween candy in my house was PURPLE (see #1). I can work on that. What did YOU get???

Even more random is that this list came out of a Famous Footwear “Mind Body Sole” magazine…bizarre.


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