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allwood gallery wall
I recently had a photographer to my home to take pictures of my faux finished walls for an article in our local Kansas City Star magazine. While I had so much fun and it was incredibly flattering, when my hubby showed me some pictures he took of the photo shoot…..I was MORTIFIED by:   a) how old our sofa looks (we have since replaced it) and b) how boring our focal wall is (and we are not boring).
So I begged my favorite designer friend Deb of Metropolitan Designs in KC to come help me create a gallery wall.

She suggested we try to keep everything on the wall as neutral and close to the wall color as possible.

And she wanted to fill the wall corner to corner and all the way to the ceiling.

At first I wondered if it was too much?

Then I remembered we are talking about ME. So told her to carry on…..

To watch someone work in their element is fascinating.  She just had me pile all of the stuff I gathered from other rooms in my house into a pile….and she began to build out from the family picture.

Yes….I had all of this in my home. We just stole from Peter to give to Paul.

She was amazing as usual.
No measuring.
No thinking it through.
No analyzing the wall to death.
On occasion she would ask my opinion, but it just went together so easy.
On this side of the wall I have some of my favorite things. A framed pic of my mom and her puppy when she was just a toddler.  A copy of one of the last envelopes my grandmother every mailed to us before she passed away.  A bible scripture on “sons”.  A cabinet door that has a great crystal knob that I found at a salvage store. A pair of angel wings that one of my clients was throwing in the trash.
On the other side of the room is a black and white football tray that I stole from one son’s bedroom. Another salvaged cabinet door with crystal knobs. An “A” to distract from the cold air return vent.  A bible scripture on the keys to Heaven.  A picture from my little brother’s wedding.

When it was all said and done….I was in LOVE LOVE LOVE with my gallery wall.  I wish I hadn’t waited so long to do it!!!!

It’s just a good representation of who our family and our home is.  A lot of mess. A lot of clutter. Sentimental.  Thrown together.  Somehow it gels. Somehow it works.  Makes me happy every time I look at it.
Now….can I get a redo on the newspaper article picture???


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