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Thanksgiving Topiary | Magic Brush

I was recently asked to make fall topiaries on a local TV show called Kansas City Live! It’s the show I been featured on 3 times this fall and I love, love, love it!!!

It took a village to get me prepared for the segment tho.  Of course, I left it until the day before to prepare for the show!

Thanksgiving Topiary | Magic Brush

My friend Shauna and her precious family pulled up in my drive right about the time I was beginning to loose time over all I had yet to do for the morning show. 

So, I put them to work.

Thanksgiving Topiary | Magic Brush

This is sweet Lilly spray painting some hedge apples an orange color for me.


Shauna, of course, painted her’s metallic.  I love my fellow metallic lovin’ girlfriend!

Thanksgiving Topiary | Magic Brush

Jack even got in on the action. I literally just poked a dowel rod in the bottom of the hedge apples and he sprayed away!

Thanksgiving Topiary | Magic Brush

I needed a few “less heavy” round decorations for the pots, so my son Easton spray painted some Styrofoam balls for me.


Thanksgiving Topiary | Magic Brush

And here is a closeup of the pot.

Thanksgiving Topiary | Magic Brush

Didn’t it turn out pretty???

Thanksgiving Topiary | Magic Brush

This is myself and Michelle, a host of Kansas City Live.  Man, it’s hard to look good next to that woman!  lol!

And here is the live segment.  Watch away.  And be gentle.  Being on live TV is hard work!!! LOL!


For more DIY Thanksgiving decorating ideas, please try this glittered Give Thanks burlap banner, which I made for my mantel, or this gorgeous, all-natural Thanksgiving tablescape with more hedge apples!



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  • Gypsy Heart says:

    Great job!! And you always look good. I love the metallics too and all the colors look beautiful together.


  • Nika Lepak says:

    I really like those pots! I have almost the exact same pots at the front of the garage and just removed them since the mums stopped blooming. I might have to borrow that idea and put them back out there for another month. Also, I wanted to thank you for the great tutorial on tissue paper walls. I’ll be using it in my guest bathroom next weekend!

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