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My oldest just hit double digits– make it slow down!

By December 16, 20113 Comments

Our oldest child Noah turned 10 this week.

It doesn’t bother me that he has hit “double digits” —in his words.

It bothers me that  ….it’s just going sooooooooo fast.

I know every mother says it…..but it just goes faster and faster and the days turn into entire school years having flown by ….

and his diaper days are barely a memory anymore. 

The leap from building blocks to Ipods just happened as I blinked. 

And I hope I am not missing it.

As I pondered my first born child this week…..

I think of crazy things like how soon the next 8 years will fly by.

Yes….he is 8 years away from leaving home (scholarship of course).

He is 6 years away from driving.

Which in our house also means 6 years away from being able to take a girl on a date (insert me giving some girl the stink eye here).

He is 4 inches away from passing me up in height (which isn’t saying much).

And he is 6 teeth away from loosing all of his baby teeth.

He is 2 sizes away from wearing my shoes (not that he would).

He is 1.5 years away from middle school.

Which also means 5.5 years away from high school.

He is 2 years from getting a cell phone in our home (we got suckered in to committing to an age).

And he is a math problem away from being smarter than I am! (have kids gotten smarter or have I gotten dumber???)

Noah is loving every minute of this “getting older thing…..”

but I want it to slooooooooooooooow down. 

I want to press pause. 

Maybe even press rewind.

Certainly press repeat.  I could have done some things differently. Better.

I pray my husband and I are engaged enough….

intentional enough….

committed enough to do all we can….

all he needs for us to do….in these next few years.

I hope we pray for him enough.

Teach him enough.

Model for him enough.

Encourage him enough.

Support him enough.

Love on him enough.

Before the world gets it’s hands on him …… I want to do alllllllllll we can.

Noah honey, I love you.  Even though your momma cringes at the speed with which you are growing and maturing and BLOSSOMING…..I am so proud of the young man you are growing into.  Your momma is your biggest fan.

Happy birthday son.


  • Sue@Uniquely Chic says:

    Awwww love it even though you made me feel old…..seems like an eternity since my oldest hit the DD. He is 18 now…doing his first semester in Ireland but will be home in 3 days..yay! Enjoy every single minute because it goes by in the blink of an eye! But you already know that 🙂 Happy Birthday to your son!

  • sandi says:

    our oldest just hit nine and i agree with every word you have just written. especially the part about the world getting their hands on him… we so want to raise a godly son who will make some sort of difference in this world that can be cruel at times. maybe the rapture will occur and we will not have to give any girls the “evil eye”.

  • Frosty's Mom says:

    Such a sweet tribute! I am in the same boat, my little man turns 11 on Monday. Seriously, where is the pause button??

    Noah is so blessed to have you and Jason as his parents. I am praying with you for what lies ahead for your son!

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