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Chalkboard Tables | Magic Brush

I know my blogging has been sporadic at best for the last 2 weeks.

I am blaming it on my pictures loading sideways on every post I attempted.

I thought I was getting close to loosing my salvation, so I backed off posting.  HA!



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Chalkboard Tables | Magic Brush

I bought 2 tables like this one from a friend this spring.  They were old and rough, but solid with great bones!

Chalkboard Tables | Magic Brush

I decided to make them both into chalkboard tables.  I finished the bottoms of both of them first.

Then, I primed the tops dark. I LOVE to use Heirloom Tradition’s Black Bean chalk-type paint on all my black chalkboards. 

Followed my several coats of chalkboard paint and then I hot glued “chalk holders” to the side of each table.

Chalkboard Tables | Magic Brush


This ‘lil guy was almost cute enough to keep at the end of my hallway……

Chalkboard Tables | Magic Brush

But, I painted it with the intention of giving it as a donation to an auction at a friend’s school.

Notice the self portrait next to my brochures. I am no Picasso…..but the big, curly hair is clearly me!

Chalkboard Tables | Magic Brush

The green one was super adorable….

Chalkboard Tables | Magic Brush

This shade of green just looked amazing with the undertones of the wood.

I ended up giving this table back to the person I got them both from.  It had originally been his mother’s who just recently passed away.  When I heard he loved the green table, it was a done deal for me.

So both of my chalkboard tables were given away…….one to a preschool and one to a friend.

It isn’t always about selling stuff. Sometimes it just feels good to share the talent we have been given.

To more chalk paint inspirations, check out my slide show of furniture, chalkboards and home decor painted with chalkboard paint!

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Chalkboard Tables | Magic Brush


  • They both turned out great and God will bless you for being so giving! I know it’s probably a no no but was just wondering how everything is going on your adoption journey? Should I keep praying for your adoption? Should I butt out?

  • Traci says:

    Love both of your tables and it sounds like each of them ended up where they were needed. I am sorry that you were dealing with tech issues, they can drive you crazy.

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