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Ok I am officially OBSESSED with “pencil trees” or “skinny” Christmas trees or whatever you want to call them. Mr Magic and I bought 3…… yes 3 this year!!!! We sold the monstrosity of a huge, fat 9-footer we had and replaced it with a tree cluster on our fireplace.

Pencil Christmas Tree

These 2 skinny trees are everything!!! I am in love! Mine is sold out but the almost exact same one you can find here

So we put another 7 footer in my office that rotates (see the video below).

Since I am obsessed with the new skinny tree phase, I think you all should be too! So I went about searching for all the gorgeous skinny trees and tabletop trees (great for apartments) that I could find for you!  And remember, this close to Christmas MOST of these trees are on sale… BONUS!!!!

Happy shopping!!!!


This post contains affiliate links for gift items I use and LOVE and  would recommend. Your purchases help support my DIY and holiday decorating adventures! 



And don’t forget to get a Dark Green Revolving Tree Stand (for trees under 7.5ft). You can watch a video from my Facebook page here to see how it works:




Merry Christmas,


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