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I have been working all week on our living room Christmas decorations and am soooooooooo excited to show the room to you!!!

I’ve gotta tell you, I have decided that I just can’t do without the color RED in my decorating for Christmas. I see so many blogs with beautiful neutrals and whites and metallics and every time I think……that’s what I will do next time.   And then the next time, I still add in the red on all my Christmas decorations! Lol. Anyone else a red lover???

I hope these pics will inspire you in your decorating and……. give you some ideas of Christmas decor that will still work for winter decor as well. 

This post is brought to you by CJ Affiliate’s VIP Content Service. Thank you Pier 1 for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Pier 1, all content and opinions expressed here are my own. This post does contain affiliate links that I may make a small commission from. Your purchases help keep my blog running and my project going!  


Christmas Decorations by Pier 1 | Magic Brush

This is where we live in our home….. on the sectional. In our living room. Chilling during the winter. We hibernate here until March in Kansas City. 

And so I knew that any new decor items that I got for this Christmas would have to be totally kid friendly, teen chillin’ approved and yet give me the sparkle and drama that I crave in all my Christmas decorations

Christmas Decorations by Pier 1 | Magic Brush

Approx 452 pillows and blankets are a necessity in our living room in the winter. Our family loves movie nights and Chicago P.D. episodes and just relaxing in the living room in front of the fire together. So the very first thing I found at Pier 1 was this blanket that is soooooooooooooooooo stinkin’ thick and luxurious. (you can find a similar one here.) And then, I kind of went nuts on pillows. 

If you have not seen Pier 1’s pillow selection, you are missing out. They are exactly my taste….. fur and bling and color and total luxe. No farmhouse. All glam. I am sold!

In case you see one you love in the photo, you can find the beaded pillow snowflake is sold out (but here is a gorgeous one very similar), the furry pillow lumbar with beads is sold out but (a new gray version is here), the gray pompom is sold out but there is another cute gray one with Merry Christmas here and a Let it Snow one here, the white pom pom is sold out, but I love this lumbar one here in white as a replacement, and red velvet pillow is sold out, but I found another solid velvet one here for you for a nice pop of color

Pillow bliss!


Christmas Decorations by Pier 1 | Magic Brush

I kind of just kept going with the pillows!  You can see a similar glitter deer pillow here and tree pillow is sold out, but I found a Rhinestone Deer in Red here. Falalalala…. the pop of red just makes me so happy!

I know it’s a lot of pillows, but it’s a larger sectional! It needs it!


Christmas Decorations by Pier 1 | Magic Brush

Next I found the ottoman tray, which you can find a similar one here . Mine was on clearance and I adore it! It will stay here year round!

Oh and this is a great photo of how our room looks on a “normal night”.   Ava being bossy and the boys on the “Insta-face” (our word for social media. lol)


Christmas Decorations by Pier 1 | Magic Brush

I had to have my pop of red all over the room, so when I saw this red lantern I snagged it!

We filled the lantern with sparkly balls and fur balls and really how can you wrong with either of those???

And then we tucked these glimmer lights in the lantern. These lights are so cool!!!!! They are battery operated and just make everything look holiday-ish! 


Christmas Decorations by Pier 1 | Magic Brush

Look how romantic and soft they look in the dark! So fun!!! Just fyi, they come in many different colors and shapes! These are pure white!


Christmas Decorations by Pier 1 | Magic Brush

I thought the glimmer lights were so fun that we put then around this tree (sold out) in another Pier 1 lantern and on the dresser behind the sofa. This lantern will totally stay here after Christmas. I will just take out the Christmas decor and fill it with something winter-ish. (I found another mini-Christmas tree here for you.)



We had fun jazzing up a wreath I already had over the mirror above the dresser.

We literally used a strip of fur that I had in the craft room and my girl Lizzie added an old broach to it for me for some glam. Bling + fur = perfection.


Christmas Decorations by Pier 1 | Magic Brush

Isn’t that fun???? I had the rest of the tabletop decor already. I am all about reusing what I have when I can! 


Christmas Decorations by Pier 1 | Magic Brush

And the last items from my shopping extravaganza are the Santa mug (which is sold out but here is a cute sweater mug here that I like), the deer red pillow here and my favoriteeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. the round snowball pillow on the floor. It’s sitting under the “C” table that Mr Magic made me. And in the background you can see our oversized chalkboard that he made for me also. What a guy! (My Tutorial on how to make a tissue tassel garland is here.)


Christmas Decorations by Pier 1 | Magic Brush

We finished off the decor by sticking a glitter silver wreath in the middle of a wreath I have had for many years. I keep the stick wreath on this wall of windows, but throwing another smaller wreath in the middle of it just adds so much flash! I also found this gorgeous silver berry wreath here

So you’ll find all the Pier 1 goodies that I used in our Christmas decorations below. In some cases, items I have are already sold out so I’ve hunted down something very similar and a very extra goodies I love from Pier 1. And pretty much allllllll of their Christmas stuff is on sale! BONUS!!!!

Shop Christmas Decorations



I would love to know if you just gotta have RED in your Christmas decor also???  And, if you are aware of a support group for people with too many throw pillows, you may want to sign me up. Lol. 

Happy decorating,



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