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Shabby chic bed frame

By July 11, 201013 Comments

A friend recently picked this bed frame up and asked me to paint it cream with some of the original gold color peaking thru.

It has some gorgeous details!

I gave it the “super-professional” treatment of painting it in the front yard up against a tree. Hey…. a painters gotta do what a painters got to do!

It was nearly impossible to stand the frame up for a good “after” shot. I tried. Neither the lighting angle nor Ava were cooperating

Me: “Ava smile”.

Me: “Ava smile!”

Me: “Ava!!!!”

Ahhhhhhh…..Much better.

I made Ava and the neighbor boy hold the frame up for me so that I could get some closeup shots.

Cheap labor! haha!

I thought it turned out so pretty.

I made not one…. but TWO really poor, horribly pathetic videos of how I distressed the frame. If you aren’t‘ afraid of cranky faux finishers, me whacking my 8 year old (not really) or toddlers peeing in the front yard……let me know and I will publish it. Majority rules.


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