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My friend Laura spotted this cute dresser set at a garage sale near her house on Friday. From the street it looked adorable….

Upon closer inspection, it is solid….but badly in need of a new paint job!

I am listing it for sale under my “SHOP” button at the top of my blog. I will take orders for a custom paint job on it.

Otherwise, I’m imagining it in cream with my trademark crystal knobs.

I was so excited that I didn’t break anything inside of my truck getting it home. I have done that twice lately and it’s such a bummer.

But oddly enough, as my hubby and I are unloading my truck, this random dog ran into my house!!!!

Do you see him? He ran in my kitchen, scared the crud out of me and ran back out before I was certain if maybe I imagined it or not! Maybe the fumes have gotten to me!

This faux finishing business is just a wild and crazy profession! Haha!

Anyway, thanks Laura for your “good lookin’ eyes” and I will be showing “after” pictures of the set down the road.


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