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Riding the AMTRAK–put it on your bucket list

By July 30, 20123 Comments

My husband turned 40 a few months back and he wanted to take this good looking group of friends to St. Louis with us on the Amtrak train. I was skeptical about how fun this would be. But, now I gotta say….. you MUST ride the Amtrak once in your life!!!!  This is the way to travel….especially with small kids! 

We traveled with 15 kids. That’s ALOT of kids.  St. Louis is a 4 hour car ride from KC…..and about a 6.5 hour train ride.

But they were content the ENTIRE TIME on the train!!!!!

See how you can swivel the seats to face each other??

And there are no seatbelts….so you are free to sit 3 kids or 12 kids to a seat if you want!

Or perhaps your kids want to sit in the luggage bin area….no problem.  They can do that too!

They watched the landscape roll by…..

They slept on pillows shaped like feet (altho’ not much)….

They hung out in the dining car where you could play games, eat, color, etc.  They pretty much entertained themselves the ENTIRE time so the dads were able to do a little of this:

And the moms were able to do 6.5 hours worth of this:

We gabbed the entire way to St. Louis and back. Talk about fun!

We are lucky enough that one of our bff’s is practically a professional vacation planner, so she hooked us up in a hotel within walking distance of the Amtrak station.

Have you ever tried to corral 15 kids to walk to a hotel while dragging their own luggage? LOL.  They were actually saints.

I’m telling you … was that AMTRAK!!!!  They weren’t cooped up for 4 hours in a car….so they were happy campers and pulled their luggage like troopers!

Which made all of us happy campers.  And that made for a perfect weekend with our closest friends! So perfect….that we have decided to do it again next year.

Except our next vacation with friends is a beach destination and is not within Amtrak distance.

I will be sure to let you know which airline flight we have our 15 kids on so that you can avoid it.

Unless you just like to torture yourself.


Add the Amtrak to your bucket list.  Trust me on this.


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