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Reminding MYSELF why I am doing a triathlon this weekend

By July 25, 20122 Comments


I am competing in the WIN for KC women’s triathlon this Saturday. I competed in it last year for my 40 birthday (that blog post was here).  It was such a huge deal for me. I spent a year learning to swim before I competed.  The Today Show caught wind of THIS blog post and came to Kansas City to tape my friends and I for a show. It was marvelous! You can read that old post HERE.


I did a 2nd triathlon 6 weeks after that because I didn’t want to be “one and done”.  And, I lived to tell about it, but man….it was hard!

And so, now I have my 3rd triathlon in 4 days and I am slightly freaked out. I know I have done 2 already, so you would think nerves wouldn’t be such a big deal this time…..and yet they are.

So on top of the normal nerves, I found myself getting grumpy in training a few weeks ago. I had to go home and really evaluate why. 

First, it’s so stinkin’ hot in KC (the high is 107 today). The temperature really affects how hard we can train, what time of day we must train, etc.  We need a break from this heat wave! 

And, several women in my training class are half gazelle.  They race at speeds so fast I know I will never catch them. When I began to compare myself to them and felt frustrated that I couldn’t keep up….I began to lose my joy of training.  Comparison IS the thief of JOY!

So, I have had to go back to square one and remember why I am doing another triathlon.

Here’s MY list:

(my middle child helping me train last week)
  • Putting a race on the calendar forces me to be accountable to training. And that forces me to put down the M&M’s.

  • Training/exercise/working out = heart health/mental health/physical health.  It is a great stress reliever for me.

  • My kid’s need to see mommy set a goal and then work hard to attain that goal.

  • I am a “social worker-outer”. I chat the entire time we are at training. I love working out with other women. The atmosphere at our Monday night training classes with 50+ chicks is so inspiring, so uplifting, so encouraging. I LOVE it.  So I get to basically have G.N.O. every month night for 2 months. AWESOME!
(our outdoor spin class last week)

  • I love encouraging other women to get outside of their comfort zones.  I love seeing other women do things they never thought they could.  I love sharing all that I know (which is practically zilch) with other women.  I love seeing women succeed!!!!!!

  • Every time I do something that I am scared crapless to do……it gives me more courage (courage was my “word of the year”) to do the next thing, and the next thing and the next thing.  I am all about overcoming fears!

  • The finish line feels sooooooooooo good.

When I gave myself permission to accept that I am more about relationships than the race….the joy came back to my training.  Yes, I want to do better than I did last year. Yes, I want to have a great time. But I am ok with accepting that I will never run a 25 minute 5K. I won’t place in my age group. AND THAT IS OK.  I am not giving up, I’m just being realistic. I am slightly competitive……but I am just not that competitive.
I would rather cheerlead my friends to get their own PR’s than I would to get my own.  And I mean that.
So with that being said… is a shout out to my favorite competitors for Saturday:

Shauna, I want you to place in your age group.  Kick butt girl.  You are that competitive and need to represent!!

Amber, I want you to sign up for that Olympic distance after our race. If anyone can do it, you can.

Jackie, I want you to enjoy this race with your favorite girl.  Savor your time together.

Jordon, I want you to know if you can do this….you can do anything. The world is your playground

Jen R,, I want you to know you are a superstar and your life is preaching a sermon right now. I am so proud.

Leslie, I want you to know you can do anything……anything! You are so, so brave. And girl…you look good!!!!

Denice, I want you to know you have kicked butt all season. I am amazed at your determination. You are the girl to beat on that bike!  Believe in yourself!

Heather, I want you to know I would have quit with an injury. You are a winner just for sticking it out!  You are the first person I know who was brave enough to tri! Thanks for blazing the trail!

Jody, I have never seen someone work so hard and show so much dedication. You have gone from non-swimmer to a competitor in just MONTHS! You rock!

Leigh, I want you to know I am so proud of you AGAIN.  This is not easy to do with small kiddos.  And yet you have done it and you are again!

Susan R, I want you to know that you are a training machine! You have been so committed and so faithful to your training. It shows!

And finally, Lee-Anne, you kept telling me I could do a triathlon as I faux finished in your kitchen 2 years ago. Thank you for believing in me then.  I hope I have paid that forward.

So,  I will be working my butt off on Saturday to have a time better than I did last year. But I am also just so excited to watch all of my friends compete. 

I am giving myself permission to enjoy this triathlon. 

I am committing to finding joy in the journey.

Go get ’em girls!


  • sandi says:

    wow, i wish i had a cheerleader like you in my corner! what a blessing you are to your friends. go kick some butt this weekend. oh, and don’t forget your lipstick!

  • Magic Brush says:

    Sandi we don’t even know each other and yet I LOVE how you KNOW I have my lipstick already packed in my racebelt!

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