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Painted Rocking Chair Jennifer Allwood

My mom recently gave me my grandparents old outdoor rocking chairs to paint.

They sat in the garage for a bit, until I finally figure out how I wanted them to look! 

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Painted Outdoor Rocking Chair Jennifer Allwood

They looked like this before. 

Sad and stained dark. They were chipping and flaking and just drab. Ew.

I ordered THESE CUSHIONS for the chairs first.

Painted Rocking Chair Jennifer Allwood

Then, we painted the chairs in “All in One Heritage Paint” in the color Almafi, which you can purchase here.

Watch the Facebook LIVE of me painting the chairs HERE.


And I added them to my already colorful deck.

Painted Rocking Chair Jennifer Allwood

More details about my patio decor are HERE.


If you’re interested in some of these decor items, you can purchase them here:







Painted Rocking Chair Jennifer Allwood

Look my deck decor has one job. Make it pretty. Make it inviting. Make me want to come out and relax. These new chairs totally fit the bill! 

Don’t toss out Grandma’s old furniture … a little paint and they can pop and make your space happy!

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Happy Painting,


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