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How to update your fireplace in only MINUTES!

By November 2, 200918 Comments

before fireplace update painting brass


Please….. get rid of the brass on the front of your fireplace. Fireplace brass is ugly and outdated! Do a fireplace update right now.

It will take you 7.4 minutes.

high heat for fireplace update painting brass


This is the wonder product for your fireplace update. BBQ grill paint in black. Available at Lowes, Home Depot, etc. It is designed for “High Heat”…. so SHOULD be fine on your fireplace (do I need a disclaimer here?). Just kidding. I’ve done like 10 of these…. no fires yet. It’s safe.

How to do a quick fireplace update

prep for fireplace update painting brass

To start your fireplace update: cover everything within spray range EXCEPT the brass strips. Usually the handles are a pain to replace…. so I leave them on and just spray them also.

You should sand the fireplace brass. Then spray away.

fireplace update painting brass


Ahhhhhhh…. so much better.

fireplace update painting brass


7.4 minutes to a “brass-less” fireplace. Instant fireplace update that changes the whole living room!

This client (A.J.) is a dream client. She is so open to all of my suggestions in her house. Stay tuned for more of her projects to come.

Many blessings and happy painting,

PS…. if you have a gas fireplace, be sure to turn off your pilot light.

PSS… if you have a fireplace that gets super hot, use wisdom!


New paint can really put you in a happy place! If you need help picking out new paint colors, get my free video of my favorite wall colors.

I also have 10 quick & easy home updates you can do before dinner! These easy improvements will make your home feel fresh and updated! — Painting fireplace brass is one of them! You could also consider painting your fireplace tile! I’ve seen some ugly tile going along with the out-dated brass, so these two changes at once will really bring your house out of the 1980s! (For example, check out this recent blog post about painting the brass trim and tile)


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