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Our “Take Your Child To Work Day” Recap

By April 23, 201017 Comments
(new construction is no fun in the rain!)

My middle child came to work with me today for “Take Your Child to Work Day”. I know he had high hopes of “learning to paint”. I don’t know that his day was “all that” cuz’ he already told me he is going with Dad next year! Ha!

I saw that Holly at “Life in The Fun Lane” videoed her work day for her followers this week. It was cute as could be. So I am kind of copying, but without the video. Holly…you’re a star.

Our day:

7:00 a.m. : My boys are both awake 30 minutes early to start our day. Ouch.

8:30 a.m.: Joy has arrived at my house to paint this cabinet TEAL for me. We discuss the plan for the day.

(I know I was going to go conservative on the cabinet, but I’m tired of conservative!)

9:00 a.m.: Easton and I head out to my first consult of the day to look at painting this table for a sweet retired couple.

9:15: We stop for gas. This is worthy of noting. I have been known to run out of gas before.

9:30: We meet Erin and Jeri in River Hills Estates to drop off supplies and show them the samples for foiling a stove hood, a bar and a ceiling. They will all look like this:

9:45: We have a bathroom crisis in a house that has no toilets yet. YIKES!!!!!!!!! Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

9:55: My little helper has discovered some of the fun places to hide/jump/play in new construction.

10:30: Our 2nd consult of the day is with a River Hill’s client whose home we worked in 4 years ago. We looked at a few walls, her daughter’s bathroom vanities, and a ceiling. And we admired these walls that we did 4 years ago. Great conversation with a fun client!

11:15: Back to the house with no toilets. The girls need to me to look at a few “issues”. The painters are going to need to fix a few things on the bar and ceiling before we can proceed.

11:30: Next, we head over to an appointment with a designer at our new model in Thousand Oaks to see if she is happy with our glaze color. And we watched Erin and Jeri start busting out the glaze on a wall.

(I never get tired of the entrances to this neighborhood!)

12:00: I let Easton paint a picture with glaze on a scrap piece of cardboard. He is a regular Picasso!

12: 45: We take a quick break for a couple of garage sales in the pouring rain. He spends 15 cents…. he is easily entertained. I spend nothing and am bummed I didn’t find any great furniture deals.

1:00: I get dooped into taking him to McDonalds for lunch!

1:45: Is the McDonalds kicking in or is my job exhausting?

2:00: We came home to check on Joy. The teal cabinet R-O-C-K-S! Loaded scaffolding and more supplies.

2:45: Back to house in Thousand Oaks where the girls did all of the glazing today. Loaded up all the supplies we were done with. Watched my son go nuts Somehow the box came home with us.

(say ooh ahhhhh over the pretty wall in the background please!)

3:00: Had a small issue with Easton cutting himself on a faux tool (he was trying to cut a door handle into the box)…..I made a make-shift band aid with a piece of the cheesecloth we use to glaze with. I was his hero.

3:12: I triple-dog-dared Easton to eat a sugar snap pea. I told him they had sugar in them. He ate 3.

3:15: Took the scaffolding and all the supplies to this new house in Riss Lake that we are starting tomorrow. I freaked out that the hardwood floors are already gorgeously done and we have to set up our scaffolding on them.

3:45: Headed home for the day. Aaahhhhhhh……

Here is our recap:

  • Number of homes Easton and I went to today: 5
  • Number of hours it poured on us: 6
  • Number of garage sales we went to: 2
  • Number of cents he spent: 15
  • Number of sugar snap peas he ate: 3
  • Number of phone calls I got/made in one day: too many to count
  • Number of chicken nuggets in his happy meal (gross!): 4
  • Number of hours he has played with that box that I brought home for him: ALOT!

Hope you enjoyed following my crazy schedule!


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