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It’s a beautiful fall day in Kansas City and I am so excited about our new garage doors!!!!!

I know, garage doors are not a sofa or a new outfit…. but I am shocked at how much the new doors changed the look of our house. And now that they are changed, I am also shocked at how bad the old ones looked. And sounded. Jeesh they were loud but I had no idea until we switched them out to the new ones that hum softly!


Garage Doors Makeover | The Magic Brush

Here are our old doors. They were tired. With 673 layers of chipping paint on them. Lol. And 20 years old.  My garage door opener was so used that I literally had to press my nail into it at just the right angle with all my might to get the door to go up. I was over it. Lol. I know these are first-world problems but it was frustrating!!!



Garage Doors Makeover | The Magic Brush

And here are the new doors again!!!!

Oh my goodness. So much more interesting to look at!


Garage Doors Before After | The Magic Brush

Check out the before / after. See??? Huge difference!!!

We ordered the new doors from Renner Supply Company (here in Kansas City, with locations in Saint Louis, Springfield and Lake of the Ozarks).

The process of picking out our new doors was fascinating. I called to make an appointment and Brad came out to visit me. He took several pictures of our house and then showed me what a few different doors would look like on our house. Check it out:


New Garage Doors Makeover | The Magic BrushThese are 2 different doors we were considering that Brad “overlayed” onto my house. After seeing the picture with all the windows on top we decided to NOT go with that option. But had I not seen the photo, we very well may have. The windows just made the house look  busy and top heavy to me. So, we opted for the bottom photo. Brad had pointed out that the inverted “v” on the door matches our roof line. Genius!
Garage Doors Makeover | The Magic Brush

So we ordered the Delden Classica Collection, Lucern design with Closed Arch in Dark Brown.

Now listen, you know me. I want to paint these stinkers to look like real wood. Since this is something we get to do for clients all the time, I want to do it in my own house! I am hoping we can get this done before the weather turns in Kansas City. Stay tuned!

I ordered the doors in a dark color so that the seams between the panels would be dark and not have to be painted (which is tricky to do). I think my idea was rather genius. I will let you know and tell you more about that later.


New Garage Doors Makeover | The Magic Brush

I do want to mention that the Renner installers were saints. They told me to “have the garage cleared out most of the way back”….. and we failed miserably. When they showed up it looked like this. Lord have mercy I need therapy. Lol.

But they were patient and helped me move a few things and did not judge my garage hoarding (and it’s not hoarding if it’s pretty stuff, right?).

And literally the doors were installed in like 4 hours. They made it painless.

We will be picking out the big, chunky, gorgeous hinges and pulls for the new garage doors soon! Stay tuned to my Facebook page to see which ones we go with!

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It was a pleasure collaborating with Renner who provided the doors for this project.  All opinions in this post are my own and I only recommend brands that I have used and love!

We made a pinnable graphic for you below!

Garage Doors Makeover | The Magic Brush




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