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My first attempt at subway art

By November 17, 2011No Comments

                                                                            (my new office)

I keep seeing subway art popping up everywhere on blogs, ETSY and Pinterest (darn another time stealer!!!!!!!).  I totally wanted to buy one, but knew I could make one.

I had a huge canvas in my paint room that I painted black.
Then I asked my friend Melissa if she could help me print the vinyl.
She has a machine.
Friends with machines ROCK.
Friends with machines who let you leave the canvas at their home and they put the vinyl on FOR YOU double rock!
Friends who then sell your their zebra chairs so that your whole office will come together……well, you get the picture.
Thank you Melissa!
Vinyl is tricky.  If your friend places it on a canvas for you and then you get it home and try to move anything, you will cuss yourself out.  Leave well enough alone or you will end up stretching your vinyl, having to move more words, the vinyl looses it’s sticky and basically you will make yourself insane. Trust me on this.
This is a pic before the canvas was glazed…..but I wanted you to see the uber cute zebra chairs she sold me. Yeeeeeeeehaw!

Here she is all finished.  I used gold , copper and bronze glazes to go over the whole thing and tone down the white letters.   One final note of warning: glazing over vinyl will also make the vinyl start to come up, curl a bit and generally send you over the brink of your creative sanity.   You will be digging out modge podge and artists brushes to seal the ‘lil boogerish letters back down!

Did I mention to LEAVE THE VINYL ALONE????

I learned my lesson.

And I love my subway art!

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