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I had the honor of taking a ton of pumpkins onto my local television station and I wanted to make one for the host Michelle to take home with her. So I monogrammed a pumpkin for her.




If you know me, you know I am obsessed with all things polka dot and all things pumpkin, so polka dotting a pumpkin was a no-brainer for me.

I buy my polka dotting tools at craft stores. They make the perfect polka dotting so easy.

The key is dipping in ACRYLIC PAINT …. you know, the 99 cent bottles from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. This paint is THICK so it won’t run down the pumpkin!

Dip your dobbing tool in the paint and stick it on the pumpkin and TWIST. THAT is how you make the perfect polka dot! Stick and twist!

I obviously used several colors.

Then I got a wood letter from Hobby Lobby and spray painted it black.

I literally hot glued that baby on the pumpkin and begged my neighbor Jodi to make me a cute ribbon for the top.

You all need neighbors who can make ribbons for you! Ha!


And it was all done!

If you are a fellow pumpkin-aholic, you can follow me on Pinterest for tons more ideas. And go here to See my slideshow of my all-time favorite pumpkin decorating ideas!

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