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Proverbs 13:22 The wealth of the wicked is stored up for the just.

Friends, this scripture had been on my heart lately. There is plenty of money to go around and it is being stored up somewhere. I want you to be ready for money to come to you and through you. So many women have been raised with misconceptions about money, and I want to spend the next several Mondays talking about money mindset to clear up these misconceptions. The first challenge I have for you is to refuse to have a poverty mindset. There is no honor in poverty. Listen in as we talk more!

Poverty Mindset

People with a poverty mindset think and do the following:

  • Money is scarce
  • Self-sabotage projects, budgets, businesses
  • Jealous of those with money
  • Pessimistic about economy
  • Focus on what they don’t have
  • Scared of losing what they have
  • Are resentful of those who have money

And remember, you don’t have to be broke to have a poverty mindset.

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