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Let it go! Change your mind and you change your life!

By July 10, 2014No Comments
Friends…. life is too stinkin’ short to get so irritated and bent out of shape over SMALL stuff!
Maybe that person DIDN’T mean to steal your parking spot. Maybe your hubby DIDN’T mean to bite your head off. Maybe your mother in law DIDN’T mean to offend you (or, maybe she did…. ha!)
But can we just show one another a little bit of grace? My goodness…. I mess up and offend people and say things wrong and snap at my kids all the time without intending to.
I NEED a lot of grace, so I try to GIVE a lot of grace.
Life is so much better when we just choose to overlook things and pursue PEACE.
Forget about it.
Cut people some slack.
If it won’t matter a year from now…. then LET IT GO.
Aint nobody got time for drama!
I’m telling you….this mindset will change your life.
Let it go.
Let it go.
Let it go.
“Frozen” was on to something….
Much love,

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