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Real estate pictures are worth a 1000 words!!!

By July 24, 20142 Comments


IMG_2800 MLS

So our house is up for sale.  We haven’t sold a house in over 11 years.  And apparently….this thing called “the internet” is where everyone is house shopping online???  Ha. Go figure.

So, even though we knew people would be basing their viewing decisions on our link online, we still really didn’t give a ton of thought to our pictures when we first listed the house.  We thought the pics were great.  The pillows on my bed were perfected fluffed.  I had hidden the kid’s boxer shorts and bottles of hairspray out of sight, so I thought we did good!  We thought the house was ready to sell quick!

But then we kept getting the same feedback from our showings “clients need to de-personalize the home more”.  Apparently I should have left the boxer shorts out and removed the 100+ family photos. ha!

So after like the 20th comment, my hubby and I went about “de-personalizing”.  We took down a ton and I mean a ton of “stuff”.  Simplify isn’t really a word in my vocabulary so this was hard for me.  I knew we needed new pictures of the house taken then because the house looked so much different after  our “project : scaling back”.

About the same time, I was contacted by Erin Schuerman, owner of ES Photography.  She specializes in real estate photography.  I had no idea people did such a thing.  What a great niche for her to have!  So she came to our house and tucked a few more distracting things into cabinets (wow we have a lot of crap) and after seeing her pics….I’m now a total believer in the VALUE of a real estate photographer taking real estate pictures!  They look so good that I want to buy our house!  Check a few of these out:

IMG_2986 MLS

Son’s bedroom.


IMG_2861 MLS


My kitchen look ginormous.  And I almost want to cook in it.  Almost, but not quite.


IMG_2926 MLS

I’ve never seen a picture of our master bathroom that was wide enough to see BOTH sides of the room!  Brilliant!


IMG_2848_enfuse MLS

My beloved farm table.  We could end the blog post right here…..


IMG_2910 MLS

And I know it’s HARD to photo faux finishes…..especially in a powder bath.  But she did an amazing shot laying on the floor people!!!!!

If you are in the Kansas City area, please consider calling Erin for real estate photos.  She was EXTREMELY professional which I value so much as a fellow biz owner.  She emailed details of our visit, what to expect, when to expect her, etc.  And … we had 3 showings get scheduled the first 2 days of having the new pictures.

If you’d like to find Erin on Facebook….she is here.  Her phone number is 913.645.9898. Tell her I sent you.

And please……for the love……send someone to buy this house will you? I have another house to start personalizing!!!   Wink, wink!

Much love,





  • Terry says:

    Jennifer, I love your powder room walls! I wish I knew how you did that! I would love to have you come out to my house (you have the time, right?) lol and give me ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  • Monnaie says:

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