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I’ve done two kitchen remodels/updates/renovations in the past three years and I have learned a thing or two!

I have a few ideas that will REALLY make you love your new kitchen that you probably aren’t thinking about when you first pick out the fun stuff– like tile, sinks and faucets…  A kitchen remodel is THE TIME to update and modernize your kitchen and make it work better for you.

I stepped up my game with this last remodel and I want to share with you the six things every kitchen remodel needs.


1. A Spice Drawer

Blue Kitchen Island Jennifer Allwood 2

By creating a special spice drawer with dividers, your spices are organized, easily visible when you open the drawer making cooking easier, plus they don’t take up valuable counter space.


2. Garbage Disposal Button

Kitchen Remodel Ideas by Jennifer Allwood |

A garbage disposal button instead of a light switch. By building a button into the granite, you’re not having to reach yards across the counter to the back wall for the switch and you’re not dripping all across the counter making a big mess.


3. Hidden Switches

Kitchen Remodel Ideas by Jennifer Allwood |

Light switches and outlets mounted under the cabinets. I can’t stand an outlet in the middle of the tile. By mounting all the light switches and outlets under the cabinets it makes them still functional, but out of sight.


4. USB ports in outlets

  Kitchen Remodel Ideas by Jennifer Allwood |

Devices are going to need to be charged. By adding USB ports to outlets, it allows for people to hang out at the counters while charging their devices.  


5. Built-in Trash Can

Kitchen Remodel Ideas by Jennifer Allwood |

By building in the trash, it makes it easier to throw things away while prepping and cooking, and it keeps the kitchen design clean.


6. Under-the-Counter Lighting

Kitchen Remodel Ideas by Jennifer Allwood |

It helps to illuminate the outer perimeter space so you can see what you’re working rather than relying on the blocked overhead lighting. Under-cabinet lighting also adds light without adding bulky fixtures to your kitchen.  


Let me show you what it looks like underneath. ..

Kitchen Remodel Ideas by Jennifer Allwood |

What a game changer for evening ambience if you have an open floor plan and if you need extra light when prepping and cooking

I’ll be revealing our kitchen remodel soon! I just need to put in the new gold light fixtures …. 

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Here’s a list of some of the projects we’ve done in this kitchen:

I’m also having so much fun posting on Instagram stories about our progress- find me on IG @jenniferallwood.




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