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This painted barnwood sign is such an easy DIY project but yet I get many questions about it that I thought I would write another post on it for you!

joy barnwood sign front step decor



I have no idea where I got that old piece of barnwood. But it was short and squatty and seemed perfect for the bold JOY word that I wanted on my front steps.  “JOY” was my word of the year  in 2014 so it seemed fitting.

I used a red paint color that I already had called “Hearththrob” by Sherwin Williams. I dry brushed the red paint on about 90% of the barnwood board.




distress barn wood for joy sign

Within a few hours (before the paint had time to really harden)  I sanded the board and used a stiff bristle brush to chisel back the red paint to look distressed. TIP:  If you use the brush to go opposite of the wood grain….cool distressing happens!


joy stencil for barnwood sign

I contacted The Mad Stencilist to have them design the stencil to fit my board perfectly.  You can find the JOY stencil HERE and order it in a one time use only sticky stencil like I used (which makes for ZERO bleeding) or a traditional reusable stencil.  Either one makes it a 5-minute deal to stencil a barnwood sign. I always use 3M’s 77 adhesive spray on my stencils.  This helps to eliminate bleeding.  You can get that at Jo-Ann’s.



I used white primer and some glitter just a little over the words.  You can watch the video above or click HERE to see it.



word stencil joy sign

This barnwood sign has gotten so much use.  I took this photo of it last year….. before I was mindful enough to put something cute in the pot full of dirt. ug. #hotmess



joy sign barnwood decoration


One of my client’s borrowed my barnwood sign for a holiday open house in a model home last Christmas.


JOY sign for front steps

And I took it to this event at the Kearney Baptist Church when I have spoken there.


joy barnwood sign front step decor

And here it is again this season.

It’s an EASY barnwood sign for Christmas. It also make a great gift. And if you are feeling really froggie, flip it over and stencil something like my HARVEST project on the back side of it.

Barnwood stores away easily too and can be reused year after year….. so double bonus for those of us who are lazy crafters and don’t want to make new stuff every year!

I also have a Joy to the World painted pallet  I did for Christmas, and it’s reversible! On the back sign I painted a fall/Thanksgiving design so I can use it several months out of the year!

And for even more DIY Christmas ideas, check out my Christmas Pinterest board! 





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