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Last fall, my church had a women’s conference that I was asked to decorate for. The theme was “Freedom in Every Season”, so we decorated our church lobby for each season of the year. My personal season was “Spring”.





(my beautiful momma and I in the “spring” area)


I knew I wanted to make tissue paper balls, but had to engage the help of a few friends to do so.

Thank you Ryan for your coming to my home for a personal tutorial. You seriously rock.

And thank you Aimee (my photographer) and Kishan for your help spraying painting them all! You girls are so creative!

If you remember this post , we do the tissue paper faux finish often in my business.

(one of my favorite ceilings that we tissued)

So a few years ago , when I found 2000 sheets of white tissue paper at a garage sale for $10, I scooped it up and ran before they could change their mind!

I knew I wanted the balls to be yellow for my display, but I wanted to use up some of my ultra cheap white paper. So I SPRAY PAINTED the balls in yellow and hot pink AFTER they were made!

It was a little challenging in terms of garage space, fumes, painting in running clothes…..


… rolling the balls every which way to try to get the yellow paint even. But we weren’t aiming for perfection.

And making the “bouquets” of balls on sticks was total cuteness!!!!!

The end result was a-DOR-able if I don’t say so myself!!!!



This was our “Spring” booth….all tissued up!




We had them on candlesticks, in chairs, hanging from the ceiling and in a wheelbarrow.


It was a cheap, easy way to bring color to the decor.



I know you want that white chalkboard, don’t you? Me too. Nice job Kishan.

I saved the balls and reused several of them at Ava’s 3 year old birthday party.

Hey, Chuck E. Cheese seemed to like them, so I know they rocked.


Glad I got on the tissue paper ball bandwagon before it pulled out.


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