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baseball front door wreath pinterest

I am so thrilled that so many of you wanted to know how I made the baseball wreath that I took both on television and to the Home Show last week.  It was not a hard project, just took some time.  And many baseballs died on behalf of this project.  Just warning you cuz’ it may hurt your heart a little.



baseball door wreath vi

First, I went to my beloved Hobby Lobby and got a wreath ring thing.  Did you see the video I made that day in Hobby Lobby showing you how I twirled baton?  Hobby Lobby will either eventually sponsor me, or kick me out. LOL.  You can watch below or click here.



I would like to think I still got it.  Lol.  “Clean up in aisle 2”.


drilling baseballs for baseball wreath

Then we (and by “we”,  I mean Mr. Magic) drilled holes in a bunch of baseballs.  I think we used 16 total.



baseball door wreath vii

We clipped off just one ring of the metal wreath thing and fed that thru the baseball holes. You can see where the arrow is on this picture that we had 2 loose ends that we somehow had to keep together.


baseball wreath 1

We tried to just feed the wire thru the closest baseballs thinking that squeezing 2 wires into the hole would be snug enough to hold it together, but the wreath is HEAVY and I just couldn’t go on tv the next day with the wreath flopping apart and baseballs rolling everywhere.  Can you imagine???


baseball door wreath glue

So, Mr. Magic used Gorilla Glue to shoot down into the holes of the last few balls which were on the bottom…..


baseball door wreath glue ii

And we let it dry laying down overnight.  Our hope was that the glue would give it the additional strength to stay together.  It worked!


baseball door wreath accessories

This is Jodi.  She is my friend, my neighbor and the official bow maker for the Magic Brush.  She added the burlap strip to hang the wreath with (we literally tied each end around the metal frame in between 2 balls), she attached my son’s little black bat and Mr. Magic’s favorite Royal’s hat to wreath. She made it pretty for me.  xoxoxoxo



baseball front door wreath pinterest

And viola!  It took us less than 2 hours to complete the whole baseball wreath!

And we reused in in our World Series front porch decor this year also!

Royals Baseball sign

You can read all about that crazy World Series porch HERE.



baseball wreath for front door


If you enjoyed this baseball wreath project I would LOVE for you to pin it and remember you can find all of my Pinterest projects there by clicking HERE.


Want more DIY baseball projects? Check out this  this home plate as a front door wreath.  Also my gorgeous my baseball cuffs – some bling for the baseball mom. I made baseball finials / curtains for my teenage son’s room.

Let me know if you make one of these! So fun to look at!


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