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The fact that you all want to know how I do my naturally curly hair just cracks me up. You know I basically just blowdry and backcomb like it’s 1989, right???  lol.  You all make this big hair wearin’ girl feel good!!!! xoxoxoooooooooo

Because we do get so many emails and comments asking about products and tools, I thought I would write a blog post for you…. complete with weird, awkward, non- professional videos!  If you can actually sit these videos, you deserve a special place in Heaven because this is RAW material my friends!

This post does contain some affiliate links. These are the actual products I use and I would never recommend anything I didn’t already use and love!


Stitchfix shirt and naturally curly blonde hair

(I was dressed in my fav Stitchfix shirt for a magazine photo shoot).

Ok so the majority of the time, I wear my naturally curly hair just like this photo above…… naturally curly.  But…  my hair is actually just very wavy and I use products that make it look super curly.  Plus I have some tips to get it to look less fuzzy and more curly.  For instance, I never, ever, EVER let my hair air dry. If I let it air dry, my hair gets crunchy and frizzy at the same time. It’s bizarro world.  So I always blow dry and I only wash my hair every 4 days on average. I have a video for you explaining why and if you can muster thru this, you are a saint. I just can’t even.



Clearly I adore you if I’m willing to put that video out for the world to see.

These are the products that I use 99% of the time on my hair and were in the video. Several of them are not in stores, only available online:

If I do beachy curls or straighten my hair like in the rest of the photos below, I always skip the diffuser and gel and use a straightening serum like THIS ONE or THIS ONE. I am not real picky about my straightening products as long as I still use that Biosilk every time!  Biosilk makes it soft and helps with flyaways!


Hope for Women magazine shoot with beachy curls


On occasion, I do like to use a spiral iron on my hair to do beachy, looser waves like the photo above for the cover of Hope for Women Magazine. It’s a totally different look. You can watch a hysterical video HERE  of me curling my naturally curly hair with a spiral iron. I almost burned my hand off in the video (not really) because I put the glove on the wrong hand. Beachy waves are dangerous business people. Lol.



tyme iron beachy curls


For Christmas, Mr Magic got me a Tyme iron. It works a lot like the spiral iron but curls your hair in a fraction of the time and I am able to get just a bit more volume with it if I do it right. Plus there is no glove to wear (your fingers will thank you) and it also doubles as a straightening iron. Bonus.

I will tell you these are not cheap and there is a learning curve with this iron but every time I use it,  I get much better.  Plus, it’s worth it to me to spend more on something that will last me a LONNNNNNNNG time.   Here is a quick demo below to show you how fast you can use it!


PLUS…. when you buy a Tyme iron, you can Skype or FaceTime with one of their pros to make sure you master your iron quickly! How cool is that???



skittish lip stain from younique

One of the things that I love most about the Tyme iron tho’ is my 2-day-old hair from it.   This is just lightly touching up in spots that got curled back up overnight (like around my face) and picking the rest of it out.  2nd day old Tyme hair is kind of like 2 day old lasagna….. THE BEST.

Also because I know you will ask me about my lip color in this photo, it’s my newest obsession called “Skittish” that you can buy HERE.  The older I get, the more bright I notice my lipstick becoming. I am certain at the rate I am traveling that I will be one of those 80 year old women with neon pink lips!!!!  And loving every minute of it!



straighten naturally curly hairstraighten curly hair

On occasion, I want stick-straight hair.  And I know what you are thinking…. why do curly-haired girls insist on straightening their hair???  Well, sometimes doing something different feels so good!!!!

If I am going to straighten my naturally curly hair, I wash and condition it the same and then instead of gel, I use one of those straightening serums listed above and I don’t use a diffuser…. I try to just run that Wet Brush thru my hair as I straighten it.  Then, I use my Chi flat iron on it and just take it in small pieces and pray for no humidity!



headband braid   braided head band

The last thing I wanted to mention is that I get a lot of questions whenever I wear my naturally curly hair like this. You know I’m not talented enough to braid my own hair, right?  This is a braided headband you guys. Lol. You can order it HERE.

My biggest naturally curly hair tip honestly is that I do not wash my hair very often.  About every 4 days is perfect. Most blondes have dry hair. And most curly girls have dry hair. So when you are blonde AND curly…. you have to be so careful of over styling and over drying and over washing your hair!  Less is more!!!

I hope those tips and products will help all of you fellow naturally curly hair girls!  Let me know!!!

Happy hair my friends!



If you loved my naturally curly hair tips, check out what I use to style my wardrobe and how I do my 5-minute face aka a makeup tutorial that takes 10 minutes when I’m doing all the talking!




  • Sue says:

    Love, love, love your design style and truly enjoyed your hairstyle tutorial. I am an old hairstylist and just loved your videos on how you do your hair. I have always loved your is so pretty and you are such a charming gal! You are as cute as ever! Wish I lived closer to you!!

  • Marlena Lownsberry says:

    My motherinlaw called me about this blog and, of course, I pulled it right up to watch. We have the same hair and many of the same products. i get asked every single day about my hair as well. Too funny!

    Love the hair. Love the personality. I’m a fan.

  • Julie Sloan says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve always been afraid that I’m using too much product, now I know I’m not using ENOUGH! I bought the Deva Curl, but wasn’t that impressed, I’m going to try it again knowing that I need to use about 3 times what I was using. And, I’m definitely going to have to have that diffuser! Thanks again, I’m always so jealous of your beautiful hair!!

  • Mickel says:

    I too have super curly hair and can’t wash daily… What do you do on the days you don’t wash to spruce it up? I roll out of bed looking like a freak! LOL!

  • Thank You Thank You!! I think i need to get me some of that gel, and of course some big sexy hairspray. You also made me realize I am diffuseing my hair all wrong. I also need that difusser, cause Im tired of the cheapy ones that come with the blow dryers. Thanks again for the fun video, and for sharing you secrets.

  • Heidi says:

    I have curly hair and can totally relate. Thanks for the tips and product list, I’m always on the look out for products to tame this curl! Your curls look great too!

  • Tammie Smith says:

    Jennifer, you have beautiful hair! My daughter has naturally curly hair as well and we discovered wonderful flexi clips about a year and a half ago! They are great for a quick half up or bun and even work well in pony tails with no hair breakage! The first thing my daughter said about time was, “mom, these don’t hurt my head!”. I would love to give one to you and one to your daughter as well. If you want to look at my website and pick a style, I could help you determine what size you each would need.

  • Lauren says:

    I missed the coupon code for the Tyme iron! Was it in the video? Love, love love your hair!

  • NUYU says:

    Your hair care routine for naturally curly hair is an ideal resource for other women that also have curly hair. You’ve included some really good methods that they should follow if they need advice on caring for their hair, as well as essential products that you recommend all women with curly hair should use.

  • Anita Richardson says:

    What color do you use on your hair and do you go to the salon and how often do you color

  • Sophia says:

    Thank you so much for this post.It is giving informative for hair style and products.I will try your products.I watched your video on how you do your hair. I have loved your is so pretty.I will share your post to other users.

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