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Where do great entrepreneurs come from?
I remember well those days not so long ago of having to juggle my life as a new business owner and as a new mom. I remember stressing about my business while I was with my baby and then worrying about my baby while I was working. I am so thankful for God’s gentle guidance, which helped me through those trying times. So for those currently in the thick of it right now and wondering if it’s all worth it, I’d like to listen to a few reasons why I believe young moms make kick-butt businesses owners.
Great entrepreneurs

Great Entrepreneurs Are Efficiently Fast

My first reason is young moms make great entrepreneurs, is they work freaky fast and know how to stick to the meat and potatoes! They learn how to do things quickly, like take that 2.2 second shower or finish lunch in a millisecond because they have little people that need them. Young moms have figured out how to streamline their process and get more done in small chunks of time better than those who don’t have children. They’ve also learned how to be more focused and intentional with their tasks because they don’t have the luxury of time. These moms don’t mess around! If you want something done, just ask a young mom to do it. They efficiently take out all the fluff, break things down to the bare minimum, and focus on what is absolutely necessary to get the task accomplished.

Great Entrepreneurs AreMulti-Tasking Queens

My second reason is young moms know how to multitask!! I remember those days of feeding my baby with one hand and putting on makeup with the other. Or having a phone conversation with a TV producer while changing a poopy diaper! Young moms are experts at multitasking!
Disclaimer: I do mention in my Creator’s Inner Circle how multitasking when you’re in the position of trying to build your business is not always a good thing because it us from focusing on just one task at a time, which usually means rework down the road.  However…when you’re in the thick of it as a young mom, multitasking is a great, great thing. This may not seem so to the young moms/entrepreneurs who are barely holding on by their finger tips though, but the truth is, they are winning because do accomplish a lot. They’ve learned how rock multitasking!

great entreprenuers

Time at Home

My final reason is young moms today who are at home have the perfect opportunity to build an online business!!! They’ve been given this time at home to create their own online presence. Instead of only viewing other people’s Facebook or Instagram pages, or shopping on other people’s sites, they can build their own. And young moms out there, please discard that belief any one has to wait for the perfect business plan. In today’s world, all an entrepreneur needs to start an online business is a business Facebook page plus one other social media presence and a business name that is registered with the state in which it operates. That’s it! Honestly, it’s that simple. So while a child sleeps, young moms can schedule Facebook posts, write blog posts, or answer a few emails, in other words, run her business from home.
I hope this encourages young moms out there who are thinking about starting their own business to shed all beliefs that they need to put their dreams on hold just because they have young children at home. The reality is there will never be a better time than the present to start.
And please don’t let fear stand in the way. We are all operating afraid. We are all shaking in our boots. Be brave moms; don’t pass up the opportunity to show your children by example rather than tell with only words. I challenge all young moms listening to believe in their talent and start working towards their business dreams today!

For more working mom motivation, listen to my podcasts with super moms: Carrie Wilkerson, Jamie Ivey, Juliana Zobrist, and Tamara Day.

Each of these women is such an inspiration and very real about their entrepreneurial journey as a mother.


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Blessings, Jen

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  • Renee says:

    Here it is 22 Feb., 2019 and I just found this through your Creators Roadmap Course (Which I am so thankful to be in right now!). Just wanted to say THANK YOU! It made me cry because it touched me so personally. Thank you Jennifer, you are a God send! Be bold and BE BLESSED!

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