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Glitter Deer Head | Magic Brush

Did you see THIS blog post about my new Christmas mantel decor from Hobby Lobby? 



Glitter Deer Head | Magic Brush

Well I can tell you that my absolute favorite thing in that entire decor is the paper mache glitter deer head !!!! It’s a super easy project that I am going to help you make!



This post does contain affiliate links which help me to continue doing diy projects for you! 

Glitter Deer Head | Magic Brush

You have to start with a paper mache deer head like THIS ONE. 

And grab some super fine glitter like THESE OPTIONS.  I used a silver German glass glitter from Paint Couture.

Glitter Deer Head | Magic Brush

And you need a metallic paint color as close as possible to the color of your glitter color. I used THIS CHAMPAGNE color because it’s my favorite! (It could also be used on THIS furniture finish!) 


My Facebook LIVE video above shows you EXACTLY how I did the project and exactly how quick it is! 


Glitter Deer Head | Magic Brush

It’s messy, but it’s worth it!!!


Glitter Deer Head | Magic Brush

And I teach you on that video how to salvage your glitter so you aren’t wasting a ton!



Glitter Deer Head | Magic Brush

Mr. Magic did the honors of hanging the head for me (he put an eyehook on the back!).

Our 13-year-old Easton did the honors of vacuuming up some of my glitter mess!!!! lol. Such good sports!!



Glitter Deer Head | Magic Brush


And it is sooooooooooooooooo stinkin’ pretty on my mantel!!! It glistens!



Glitter Deer Head | Magic Brush


In my opinion, it makes the whole mantel decor.

If you are as obsessed with glitter and buffalo check as I am, you may enjoy this video:

Hope these things give you some great ideas for your own Christmas decor!

And remember my motto: “when in doubt, always add glitter”.

Happy Glittering,


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 How to make a glitter deer head Christmas Decor | Magic Brush


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