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We seem to work in a lot of homes that have these concrete fireplaces in them. Several years ago, they were being put in most of our new construction homes. They are gorgeous and expensive….. but sometimes the concrete can feel “cool”.

In an attempt to make them feel “warmer”, we glaze over the concrete with one of my all time favorite stains. It’s Stain and Seal made by Faux Effects (I have an entire post dedicated to Stain and Seal coming soon). It’s water based… it has a built in sealer….it works like a dream.

Here is a section as we were just starting. I didn’t try to work the stain into all the pits…. I liked the pits remaining light just to give it more interest. And…..we tried to leave the stain extra heavy in the cracks for the same reason. It shows off more detail and looks more interesting.

On occasion in my business, you get what is called….. “A Happy Accident”. Look what happened when we put the stain on this fireplace…… IT SHOWED CRACKLE!!!!! I was ecstatic!!!!!

The sealant originally used on the concrete must have cracked. But since the sealant was clear, you couldn’t see it.

The client, the designer and I were all THRILLED with the transformation.

Here are the after shots:

Edited to link up to The Inspired Room’s “Beautiful Life Friday” and Kimba’s DIY Day at A Soft Place to Land.

Hope you enjoy it!

Many blessings,


  • Wow, that looks gorgeous. I love happy accidents and they happen to me all the time. Unfortunately, unhappy accidents happen sometimes, too! That’s just DIY.

  • KC Mom says:

    It looks like an old fireplace from Europe…and already tinged with smoke from a fire…just beautiful!

  • that is SOOOO cool! love it and love the suprise crackle! whoop whoop….

  • Terri says:

    Gorgeous! I have a brass-framed door on our fireplace I would so love to paint black… unfortunately, we’re renting. Blessings!

  • Carol says:

    Great transformation! I love working w/Stain and Seal too.


    Marvelous! I just love the way this common fireplace comes alive. Thanks for sharing.


  • Shauna says:

    Wow…I love it! It really makes it POP! I love happy accidents. Great job! Shauna

  • Oh I love that! What a stroke of luck today for ya!

    I’m looking forward to your post on stains and sealers.


  • The Crazy Suburban Mom says:

    This is terrific! Ive done some “finishing” in my home, not in a while though. I love these kinds of things and they add so much for not too much money and only an investment in time

  • ImagineCozy says:

    The difference is stunning, it really warms up the space. I would love to cozy up in fron of that fireplace. Beautiful jop!

  • Painter Mommy says:

    What a coincidence! I am actually doing the same exact thing to a client’s mantel next week. They have the same exact plaster / concrete type mantel with the same texture. I forwarded this to my client so she could see the outcome. Nice work! And I sure do love that crackle surprise! Nice!


  • shopannies says:

    wow gives it such a different look was it hard to do

  • Pamela says:

    That is gorgeous Jennifer!

  • jerriann says:

    Oh, love the look, it really did warm it up. I have a crushed limestone fp surround and concrete columns outside that I want to stain, so I am looking forward to your post on stains and sealer.

    Thank you.


  • Fauxology says:

    Gorgeous, Jennifer!!! I think I’m with everybody – that crackle rocks…and so does your work! Beautiful befaux and after. 🙂

  • Doug and Lu says:

    I’m loving this! I have a question I’m hoping you can help me with. I have light beige ceramic tile in my kitchen. Can I glaze that so make it darker? What kind should I use. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks Lu

  • Struggler says:

    This is beautiful – looks like a million bucks. I love the crackle effect too.

  • Josi Ingram says:

    Was the fireplace painted white? I have a brick fp that is painted white and want to faux paint the bricks to a natural stone.Can I use the stain and seal over the paint, or do I have to prime it or strip the bricks? I was told by my local diy store that I could just glaze over the paint, but I love the way the stain looks!
    Thanks so much!

  • Magic Brush says:

    Josi the fireplace was already stone and NOT painted white. You can use stain and seal over the white….no need for primer.

  • Pamela says:

    Jennifer I have a neighbor who has a fireplace similar to this but is already aged and she wants it white. What do you suggest. Somebody told her she could just paint it but I’m pretty sure latex won’t be the bet way to go about it. Hope you are having fun at the conference!:)

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