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Updated Garage Hardware & Handles | Magic Brush

You may have read THIS POST about how we recently got new garage doors from Renner Supply Co

They were absolutely beautifuuuuuuul but I wanted them to look like carriage doors, so we fauxed them to look like wood using this technique.

Adding hardware to the doors was the final piece to the puzzle that we needed to do. Garage hardware is like jewelry to an outfit! The hardware was going to finish them off!


Updated Garage Hardware & Handles | Magic Brush

Our first order of business was deciding on handles. Brad from Renner Supply Co brought out several options for me to look at and we forced my boys to model them. They couldn’t help but “dab” for the pics. They are teens like that.

I asked my Facebook page for their opinions and the majority wanted the chunky, straight handles. They were my fav too!!!


Updated Garage Hardware & Handles | Magic Brush

See how amazing they are!!!


Updated Garage Hardware & Handles | Magic Brush

The final decision was selecting hinges.  Renner brought out several option for me. But I was sold on these hinges and I am about to blow your mind with why….



They are MAGNETIC hinges!!!! How cool is that??????  Easy to remove if we decide we don’t want them. They won’t rust because they are not metal and not drilled into my door. They can easily pop off to repaint the door if I want to do that some day.  

I think magnetic hinges are stinking genius!!!!

Updated Garage Hardware & Handles | Magic Brush


And here are the doors complete. The hardware jewelry just makes them in my opinion!!!

You can buy the video to faux your metal door to look like wood HERE. My instructions can be used on your front door, furniture or trim that you want to look like wood as well!  As my gift to you, use the coupon code PROJECT and you can get the brand new video 40% off!!!



Updated Garage Hardware & Handles | Magic Brush

I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am with how the doors turned out.


Garage Door and Garage Hardware before and after | The Magic Brush

They look so different than our doors just a few months ago!!!




These garage doors were provided to us by Renner but all opinions and reviews are my own.

If picking out garage hardware and handles is fun – check out my previous post about painting cabinet handles with Rub ‘n Buff!  I also love these painted gray handles I added to my kitchen pantry during my brown to gray kitchen transformation.


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Easy Garage Hardware Update with new handles and hinges | Magic Brush


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