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fishnet pumpkins decoration

I know it is barely September, but I can barely contain my pumpkin ideas.  You know I’ve been called the queen of pumpkin decorating, right?  Lol.

So this is the first one I am going to show you this season.  This will give you plenty of time to buy what you need when you are out at Walmart or Target.  And if you are looking for an easy pumpkin decorating idea and I mean eassssssssssssssssy……  with no carving, no painting…. THIS IS IT! Fishnet pumpkins are the EASIEST!


FIsh Net Pumpkins


To make fishnet pumpkins, you will need to start with a small- to medium-sized pumpkin. It can be any color but make sure you get one WITH a stem!

Then get some fishnet stockings.  I purchased a pair of fishnet tights from Target.   HINT: get the largest size tights possible so that your pumpkin fits inside them easier. Cut the legs off of the tights and drop a pumpkin into the foot of the tight.



fishnet pumpkins decoration ring bling

To secure the tights around the pumpkin stem, I used an elastic ring that I had in my craft room. You could also use a girl’s pigtail hair tie. You could also use a plain hair tie with a brooch or a bow!



fishnet pumpkins decoration

Wrap it around the stem of the pumpkin over the tights and you are done! Fishnet pumpkins! Easy pumpkin decorating…… in minutes!!! I told you it was easy!

Stay tuned to my blog for about 1,836 more pumpkin ideas.  And be sure you get my emails sent right to you so that you don’t miss them!  This fishnet pumpkin will be on my Pinterest account for you to pin!

Until then,  happy fall and everything pumpkin!!!


If you are like me and LOVE to decorate with pumpkins, check out this fall-themed table scape I did for Thanksgiving using white and glittered pumpkins. I also have post about ductape pumpkins — another no-mess Halloween decorating hit! But I have a TON MORE pumpkin decorating ideas: Captain American superhero pumpkin, Breast Cancer Awareness PINK pumpkins, candy corn pumpkins,  fancy shmancy pumpkins, spray painted pumpkins, gaudy gold pumpkins, and glittered chevron pumpkins. The list doesn’t stop.


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