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The enemy often uses distractions to derail creative entrepreneurs from God’s calling in their life. Just because we are good at all the things and can do all the things, doesn’t mean we should. This bonus episode is a recording from my Level Up Bootcamp. I hope that today was just what you needed to start getting unstuck and find a focus that moves your business forward!

Hit the Highlights:
[04:34] Jen’s Story
[07:45] How Your Growth and Progress Get Stuck
[14:22] The Creative Mind and Distraction
[20:05] How the Multitasking of Motherhood Changes Your Brain
[25:28] How the Creative Mind Gets Overwhelmed and Paralyzed
[30:55] How to Plant Your Roots Deep In Each Season
[39:02] Find Your Lowest Hanging Fruit
[45:29] Income-Producing Activities

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