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Jennifer Allwood | 30 Days of Prayer

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If you are one of the 96% of people who feel like they haven’t lived up to their potential, you will love this hilarious and tactical interview with my friend Jon Acuff. People who have a purpose and are pursuing their goals are too busy to gossip or write hate mail! Listen in and learn how purpose-filled people are happier.

Hit the Highlights

[07:32] Are You a Late Bloomer?

[10:30] How to Create a New Scorecard for New Seasons of Life

[13:15] Potential is the Difference Between Your Vision and Your Reality

[25:32] How to Find the Middle Ground Between Choas and Comfort

[38:14] The Most Effective Way to Set Goals

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Jon’s book, All it Takes is a Goal, comes out this week! Order on Amazon or at

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