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I discovered the Chicken Salad Chick Restaurant by our home in Flordia and fell in love. Stacy and I connected on social media and I’m thrilled to have her and her inspirational story on the podcast. If you feel like you’ve been beaten down by life, or you keep hitting setback after setback, you are so encouraged by Stacy’s journey of triumph through a lot of dark days.

Hit the Highlights

[03:17] The Story of How Stacy Started Chicken Salad Chick From Her Home Kitchen

[07:22] How The Chicken Salad Flavors Got Their Names and Personalities

[10:14] Setbacks Can Propel You Toward Growth

[15:20] How to Get Past Bad Business Decisions

[22:11] A Cancer Diagnosis Lead to a Foundation with a Mission

[26:45] How To Pivot Your Business in New Seasons of Life

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