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It’s the 3 year anniversary of the release of my book Fear is Not the Boss of You, so I wanted to give you all my tips! This is for anyone who has a dream of launching a book.

Hit the Highlights

[02:52] A Book is Like a Business Card

[04:49] Its So Much More Emotionally Difficult to Write Than You Imagine

[06:02] Be More Concerned About Your Book Going Deep Than Wide

[07:35] The Best Seller’s Lists Are Not Always Based on Sales

[9:02] You’re Going to Need a Launch Team and a Fully Focused Launch

[09:36] The Traditional Book Publishing Process is Long and Archaic

[11:37] You’re the One Responsible For Promoting your Book, Not Your Publisher

[12:09] Get on Podcasts is One of the Best Ways to Promote Your Book

[12:52] Reviews Are Incredibly Important for Book Sales

[13:44] Book Sales Are Even More Thrilling 3 Years Later Than They Were in the Beginning

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