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You’re going to love my Business Transformation Series hearing the real-life success stories of my mastermind clients. I chat with Julie Oxendine of Julie’s Wreath Boutique and hear how she transitioned from making wreaths to teaching tutorials and grew her business over 6-figures.

Hit the Highlights

[02:40] Start a Business in Your 40s
[06:30] Julie’s Transition to Coaching
[09:05] Get Past Being Uncomfortable Making Videos
[10:02] Earn 6-Figures with Coaching
[13:00] Teach what You Know
[15:37] Coaching Gives You More Family Time
[17:24] Get Started and Stay Consistent
[18:05] Discover the Easiest Way to Make Money: Join the Coaching for Profit Workshop March 28–30

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Find Julie at Julie’s Wreath Boutique.

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