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Today on the podcast I got to interview my dear friend Amy Porterfield! She has a brand new book out called “Two Weeks Notice” that is helping entrepreneurs to be able to quit their jobs and build foundations for their online businesses! We had such a fun time today chatting and I think it’s going to encourage so many of you!

Hit The Highlights

[0:00] Find the Courage to Quit Your Job and Change the World
[04:46] Nobody Needs to Lead You: Becoming the Boss of Your Own Life
[09:20] Un-Bossing Yourself and Finding the Courage to Lead: How to Emboss Yourself and Overcome Boss Traps
[13:46] Changing Mindsets from Employee to Boss: Preventing Burnout with Boundaries
[18:27] Keeping the Peace: How to Set Up Boundaries, End Work, and Get Help for Your Business Early On
[22:54] Courage Comes Before Confidence: Time to Take Action and Tap Into Your Gifts
[27:22 ] Write Two Weeks Notice and Take Action

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