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Hey everyone! Today we have a special episode for you all about setting financial goals! Today’s episode is by Nell, Jen’s Director of Operations, and she is telling us all about how to set financial goals, the strategy we use at Team Allwood, and what to do if maybe you don’t hit the mark. Grab a pen and paper, because you’re going to want to take notes!

In Case You Missed It

[2:02] Grab a pen! Let’s talk about goals
[2:40] How to set business goals
[3:36] Break it down by quarters
[4:21] Working backwards
[4:57] Monthly goals
[6:05] Take the info you have and use that
[9:13] Know your starting point
[10:45] You’re more in control than you think
[12:11] Setting the goal is the first step

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