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Today we are re-airing an episode about overworking. You know by now that I am anti-hustle and all about making God and your family the first priority in your life. There’s a trap I see a lot of women fall in…. and it’s overworking themselves because they are RUNNING from the big, hard, and scary things at home. Friend, if you are overworking I want to get to the root of why this episode. Rest is so important for you to be at your best.

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Hit the Highlights

[3:00] Parkinson’s Law
[4:56] What it really means to be a hard worker, and why hard work shouldn’t mean long work.
[5:17] Are you running from something?
[5:34] Overworking is a form of coping.
[5:47] When everything feels out of control, you might be overworking.
[7:18]  There is no shame in realizing you need a change.

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