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Money magnifies. Many of you have fear and other feelings that are centered around money…making it, losing it, sharing it… worried, even, that it will change you. But here’s the truth…money amplifies what we already are. There are so many of us bound up financially and are self-sabotaging our own success because we’re afraid to actually make the money! Friends, I’m here to tell you it’s okay…money won’t change who you are. Join me for a great podcast!

Hit the Highlights

[03:30] My California weekend special guest
[05:23] Dinner with Jamie Kern-Lima and my observation
[06:45] My ‘aha’ money moment while eating dinner
[07:15] Will money change you and other fears
[08:30] Money does not change us, it amplifies what’s already there

“I absolutely love Jennifer’s podcast! And her business wisdom and insight based on God’s Word is amazingly motivating! It’s a weekly spiritual kick in my business butt. I look forward to a new episode every week. Thank you Jennifer!”

Listener: Kristy MarcottePodcast Review: “Spiritual Kick In The Butt”

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