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If we learned anything from 2020, it’s that we should plan for the unknown. Just like we talked about on Monday, there is wisdom in having options. So in 2021, what can you do to make sure you see a year of revenue growth? I’m telling you my top three secrets in this podcast!

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Hit the Highlights

(2:36) How much money consumers spent online in 2020 according to Digital Commerce 360
(4:09) Are fewer people online with the world starting to open again?
(4:56) Why you need multiple revenue streams for your business
(7:41) If you want to grow your biz in 2021, you need to do this one thing
(11:33) How to keep up with the changing online market

3 Ways to Set Your Biz Up for Success in 2021

1. Have multiple online revenue streams for your online biz
2. Look at how you are spending your time in your biz and decide where to hire help.
3. Be open to the idea that there may be a better way of doing business.

Additional learning:

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Listener Shoutout

I love to shout out a business each week on the show. Your reviews are such a blessing to me so I want to repay by drawing some attention to someone who takes the time to leave one. Thank you, Beeta H., for your kind words. I pray a blessing over you and your business!

“If you’re a female entrepreneur or want to be, this is your podcast! Jennifer is so
refreshingly authentic and full of knowledge about running a business. She
presents the ups and downs, gets real with you, and always give you action steps
and inspired words to motivate you to actually make the progress you need in
your business. This isn’t a podcast filled with fluff; at the end of the day Jennifer
wants you to succeed and her professionalism always ensures that, while she is
relatable and funny, she shares her wisdom and message clear and strong. I just
love learning from her in every single episode!”

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