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Hey friend I’m super excited to be giving you another bonus all about how you can add multiple income streams to your biz! This is a recording from the clubhouse I did this week, and friend, it was FIRE! We talked all about revenue strategies, and why your biz needs multiple income streams from top entrepreneurs like Amy Porterfield, Stu McLaren, Hayley Hobson, Laura Meyer, and Pat Flynn! Is your head exploding from that all-star lineup, because mine is!

I’m telling you, it was so good that we went an HOUR over the scheduled time because the information was just.too.good!!!! In part one of the recording, you will learn which revenue streams have worked best for each of these amazing entrepreneurs. You’ll also get amazing advice for how to choose which revenue stream to focus on for your biz so that you can create a life and biz that works for you! Because you are uniquely made by God and what works from someone else in your industry may not be best for you.

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Tune in tomorrow for part two of the bonus conversation where we will be doing and more Q&A! And make sure you get into my Better Way Bootcamp. We are going to dive deep into the easiest, fastest, and most lucrative methods to grow your business—additional online revenue streams!

This 5-day challenge begins on Monday, March 15th at 10 am CST! Go to to get signed up! Hurry, doors are closing soon!

Hit the Highlights

(6:43) What is a membership group and why does it work in the online space?
(18:02) Do courses and memberships work together as revenue streams?
(21:11) The three different types of courses you can create.
(23:10) What revenue stream should you add if you are a network marketer?
(32:16) How to scale a membership
(43:07) Is offering a deep dive one-on-one session a good idea if I’m maxed out on my time?
(47:46) Why would someone pay for my course when they can get free advice on YouTube?
(58:04) Pat Flynn joins the room! Continue Part Two with us tomorrow!
Ready for more? Get in my Better Way Bootcamp!

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