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Today I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about Clubhouse! Clubhouse is the new social media platform that everyone is talking about! Seriously, the positivity and excitement around Clubhouse is overflooooowwing! Like very similar to how it was when Facebook, Instagram and Twitter began! This could be HUGE. So today I’m telling you exactly what clubhouse is and how can you use it to grow your business!

Hit the Highlights

(2:30) What is Clubhouse?
(2:24) Why would you want to be on Clubhouse instead of a podcast?
(4:14) Why’s everyone talking about Clubhouse?
(9:23) What do you do on Clubhouse?
(14:25) Clubhouse Rooms 101
(15:38) How to use Clubhouse to grow your biz
(16:38) How to make your Clubhouse bio
(22:00) How to network on Clubhouse

I also wrote a blog post about this: Check it out for even more details!

Everything You Need to Know About Clubhouse

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