Why is it sometimes so hard for creatives to be organized? What makes sense for us, can be totally chaotic and #HOTMESS status to others. In light of last week’s episode about the Enneagram Test, I am speaking with organization guru Laurie Palau about getting organized in life and business. She sheds light on our personality and why we choose to focus on certain things and how to avoid clutter pitfalls. We talk about the different types of clutter and what some of your roadblocks may be. This is eye opening stuff!!! Especially for moms who are just trying to get their kid to “pick up their room.”

My Guest: Laurie Palau

Instagram @simplyborganized
Facebook  @simplyBorganized
Twitter: @smplyBorganized
Website: http://www.simplyborganized.com/ and her clutter quiz is here: https://simplyborganized.lpages.co/clutter-quiz/
Podcast: This Organized Life
Book: Hot Mess: A Practical Guide to Getting Organized

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