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Obedience. I know you’re thinking that this is a word for dogs and children … but hear me out! Obedience is for business owners too!! In fact, it may be an area you don’t even realize that you are struggling with!

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  • My friend told me about you. Love what I’ve heard so far!

  • Cynthia Heastie says:

    Just listened to your podcast for the first time. Praise the Lord, you are Blessed and he has blessed me with you. Thank you for your inspiration.

  • Just found your podcast through a friend & we’re looking at attending the conference. YEAH!!

    I was asked to substitute teach a young adult Sunday School class in the coming weeks & as I looked over the materials today, I discovered it was on obedience. So, I truly appreciate your example of God’s love language being obedience – I’m definitely going to use that example. Thanks!

  • Kay says:

    Just saw your name mentioned in a group of another coach who has a very different style. I have invested in her, but everything about her style is a gut wrench to me so it is hard to put her very useful (and paid for) teachings into practice.
    This is the first of your podcasts I have heard and was like a sip of cool water on a scorching hot day.
    Thank you!
    Off to binge listen while I work. 🙂

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