Three business owners from different parts of the country and working in three very different industries share their stories on how being a part of a like-minded community has helped them professionally and personally. The truth is: being a solopreneur can be very lonely AND very overwhelming. So the people you surround yourself with will play a BIG factor in your success and professional growth. I would love for you to hear how finding a tribe helped each of these women. I think you’ll find these ladies’ business journeys truly motivating!

My Guests

Corry Frazier

Swansboro, North Carolina
Facebook: @corryfrazierphotography=
Instagram: @corryfrazierphotography

Jessica Hensley

Caney, Kansas
Facebook: @realestatemegamomspage
Instagram: @real_estate_mega_moms

Sierra Tinker

Kelseyville, California

Facebook: @therustedroan/
Instagram: @therustedroan

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