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Thinking about the legal side of a business isn’t exactly fun for most of us creative business owners. But’s one of those things that is so extremely important and way easier if you set your business up right from the get-go. I am chatting with lawyer  Angie Avard Turner about some of the most important legal issues and how to protect your creative business. Since she has owned her own creative stationary business (and loves color and pattern too!), Angie gets us creative business owners  and breaks it down so we understand. She shares the five types of contracts you should have in place to protect yourself and your company’s intellectual property AND what to in some of the most common situations of copyright infringement! Yes this happens to all of us creatives!! People steal our photos! We aren’t going to use too many big scary legal words and I promise, if you have a creative business, it is worth protecting and listening to this podcast.

Information contained in this podcast is general in nature, for informational purposes only, and it is not intended as legal advice.  Legal advice should be obtained from an attorney before action is taken based upon this information. Listening to this podcast, in no way, creates an attorney-client relationship. 

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